Building Higher Education Institution Capacity in Indonesia through Strategic Faculty Development

John Tampil Purba


To be world class universities required faculty members excellent in three duties compulsories; in teaching, research, and community services all of them done with active participants in academic life. The competing demands; effective teaching, scholarly research productivity, and community service contributions, of faculties. Indonesia case, based on data in national higher education data center there are many of higher education institutions’ problems, such as; lack in quantity, quality and certifications’ faculties. Those facts proved the institutions facing that the faculty development is a critical process.  Applied of that, the case study took at AC University Jakarta. Collecting data derived from primary and secondary resources. For primary using questionnaires with 227 respondents, but returned 115. By the results of descriptive analysis and t-test, the faculties’ competencies not yet fulfill the expectation. Proposed strategic development in three main areas: 1. Teaching by conducting workshops, forum discussion group, apprentices, lab practices, continue to higher education, and comparative study, 2. Researchers by mentoring the junior faculties under supervision of senior ones,  3. Community services; clean and green programs, seminars, apprenticeship, non-formal education, anti-drug abuse campaign, drug rehabilitation program, environment protection counseling in hygiene and sanitation awareness, disaster prevention, waste disposal management, and others related.

Keywords: Building capacity, higher education, strategy, faculty development


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