Implementation of Eight Pillars the Total Productive Maintenance at Water Supply Company

Iswandi Idris, Ibrahim Ibrahim, Ruri Aditya Sari


Damage caused to the machine / equipment may occur due to many causes and occur at different times throughout the life of the machine / equipment used. Hence, to prevent and trying to cut the damage that may arise when the production process is running, it takes ways and methods to expect the conduct maintenance of machinery / equipment. In the development Management of Care, raised a concept or method for maintaining productivity optimization, known as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Total Productive Maintenance is one of the maintenance process developed methods to increase productivity in the work area, by making the process more reliable and less wasteful (waste). This method is part of Lean Manufacturing. The goal of the TPM program is to raise the production value which at the same time, raise the morale of workers and job satisfaction; TPM is a work culture, especially in the field of manufacturing and operations. TPM is a manufacturing tool that remains applicable in all operations using 8 pillars TPM. Tirtanadi Water Supply Company   with machines and equipment that are already available and ready to use at any time needed in the production process. Function machinery / equipment used in the production process damaged in line with the decline machinery / equipment, but its useful life can extended to make improvements on a regular basis through a suitable maintenance

Now, Tirtanadi Water Supply Company is in the stage of developing the TPM in all their activities. The focus of research to explore the TPM in 8 pillars at Water Supply Company namely; autonomous maintenance, planned maintenance, quality maintenance, focused improvement, early equipment management, training and education, safety, health and environment, the TPM in administration.


Keywords: Total Productive Maintenance, 8 pillars TPM , water supply


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