Supli Effendi Rahim, Ahmad Affandi, Norshuhada Shiratuddin, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Zulkifli S. Mukti


In order to evaluate a land as a potential place for agriculture, it is imperative to consider many facets to determine its suitability. In doing so, there is a famous theory as assessment tool to evaluate it. The theory is from food agricultural organization (FAO) framework that has been widely used to evaluate suitability of land. By referring to this theory, the researcher or land users can analyze their land, whether it is suitable or not to grow some particular plants. However, the assessment is so difficult in terms of understanding. This is due to some of researcher’s still use manual assessment referring to the FAO framework, and as a result, the implementation to achieve the better results is still not effective. Therefore, having a better system, which is easy to understand and simple, is really vital. Nevertheless, the development of technology in mobile applications is available nowadays to suggest in many area of solving problem. The authors then suggest the solution by transforming the theory of FAO into smart mobile application as conformity tool. The novelty of this application is designed in terms of simplicity of language for each variable (factor) and also by utilizing expert system theory called Rule-Based System (RBS) algorithm. By utilizing the simplicity of language and also the patterns searching method from RBS, the application is easier to understand and has been proved to be able to determine the suitability of land faster and effective. The suitability land in this study focuses on rubber, cocoa, and oil palm tree. The purpose idea in this application is intended to be useful for land users, farmers, companies, lecturers, students and government Officers. In the future, the authors will evaluate the usefulness of application.


Keywords: conformity tool, land evaluation, land suitability, android application


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