Minimizing The Cost for Repairing Road with Pavement Recycling

Hafnidar A. Rani


Road infrastructure has a very important role to support the economic growth, both for goods distribution and services. High traffic growth, as a result of economic growth, can cause serious problems if it is not matched with the quality of improvement of existing roads infrastructure. It is necessary to increase the quality and quantity of existing road infrastructure, as the good roads will be influenced on the smooth of traffic flow.  Road improvements are usually constructed by coating over the old pavement. It causes economic problem, which is, more construction waste resulted from it. It also causes the environmental impact, especially in urban areas that is the increasing of residential, office and other buildings elevation. Solution to this problem is to dredge the first layer of the old pavement surface by cold milling. The large amount of reclaimed asphalt pavement resulted from thedredge needs to be recycled and to be re-used as the pavement material (pavement recycling). The use of new material can be reduced by recycling technology as minimum as possible. Moreover, the traffic burden on the existing road network due to the cost of material mobilization also can be decreased so that the competitive cost construction can effectively minimize the cost of road maintenance.


Keywords: road repair, cost, pavement recycling, cold milling, reclaimed asphalt pavement


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