Ayu Herlinda, ROmy Dharmawan


One of the problems that's often faced in the big cities is the traffic jam caused by the growth of vehicles not
accompanied by the widening of the appropriate road and one of the alternatives to reduce congestion is by the
presence of Trans Koetaradja public bus. But the existence of Trans Koetaradja bus can not be detected by prospective
passengers. Based on that situation trans koetaradja required an android-based system to monitor and mentracking the
bus position so that prospective passengers doesn't have wait too long at the bus stop or missed the bus. This research
entitled "Making Applications Monitoring And Tracking Bus Trans Koetaradja Based on Android”. This application
will be installed on mobile devices of prospective passengers of Trans Koetaradja bus and the second will be placed on
Trans Koetaradja bus. Both of these applications will communicate with each other through the internet and GPS to be
able to know the position of Trans Koetaradja bus accurately. This study aims to facilitate the bus users in knowing the
bus has arrived or not by using the application and simplify the bus users in managing the time so they don't have spend
too long waiting for the arrival of the bus by using the application. The research method used in this research is
qualitative method that is called analyzing data by collecting, processing and interpreting data so that it can give a
clear picture about the condition being researched and then take a decision which ended by drawing some conclusions
and giving suggestions of its nature by helping to improve the deficiencies encountered in the process of preparing a
study. From the test results in the field using this application on 2 pieces of Android Xiaomi Redmi 4x and Xiaomi
Redmi 3x in the user can detect the existence of the bus and the distance between the user position (user) and the bus in
a Maps with a good level of accuracy


Applications, Tracking, Trans Koetaradja, Android.

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